Why You Should Make the British Virgin Islands Your Next Travel Destination

Why You Should Make the British Virgin Islands Your Next Travel Destination

Located in the warm Caribbean waters, the British Virgin Islands makes an alluring destination for sun-lovers. Offering endless beaches, deserted islands and some of the most luxurious accommodation imaginable, there’s little wonder why it’s a favourite retreat for the world’s rich and famous. From staying in a virgin gorda waterfront villa or a five-star all-inclusive resort, all visitors needs will be taken care of. If you’re still unsure, here a few reasons why you should make the British Virgin Islands your next place for a vacation.

An Exclusive Getaway

The British Virgin Islands have been a magnet for the wealthy since it opened to tourism in the 1960s. And because it attracts a high level of clientele, you can expect a high degree of luxury. You’ll find everything from resorts and vacation rentals to fine-dining, beach-side bars and world-class spa services. Picture waking up each morning as the gentle sea laps against the shore outside your bungalow. Or having super-attentive staff taking care of any little need. And after relaxing and getting some R&R, you never know who you might bump into when you’re out and about.

There Aren’t Many Tourists

Ask any holidaymaker where they took their vacation and some will reply Barbados, the Bahamas or the Dominican Republic. And with a thriving tourist industry and regular flights to Europe, the United States and Canada, why not? But how many do you know that have been to the British Virgin Islands? Not many. Most tourists end up spending the day as part of a cruise. But the islands feel deserted later in the day. And if you stay on one of the less popular islands, you’ll have the place to yourself. In today’s world, most of us crave to have the chance to enjoy a tropical paradise to ourselves. And you’ll find it in the British Virgin Islands.

The Chance to Go Island Hopping

The British Virgin Islands sit inside an archipelago consisting of approximately 40 islands. About half of these are inhabited and have a decent tourist infrastructure. If you want to explore more of the islands, regular ferry services pass between the different places. Nothing can be better for visitors than having the chance to explore more of this tropical wonderland. Just make sure you have an idea of what the schedules are like before you go island hopping!

The Beaches

While it’s a given that the Caribbean boasts some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, the British Virgin Islands offer something different. The biggest highlight compared to the rest of the nearby island nations is that you’ll practically have the beach to yourself. Head down to the sand in Jamaica or Antigua, and you’ll find it full of tourists. But not here. After following a short trail to the sections of beach separated by boulders on Virgin Gorda, you’ll probably be the only person there. If seclusion is what you crave, you’re sure to find it here.

The British Virgin Islands are the Safest in the Caribbean

Sadly, the Caribbean has a poor reputation for safety. In some of the islands, tourists miss out on the chance to go exploring the full beauty because of concerns about crime. Some hotels discourage their guests from leaving the resort unless they’re on a guided tour. Not only does this give the sense of feeling unsafe but it also reduces your overall travel experience. But this isn’t the case in the British Virgin Islands. Regardless of which island you’re staying on, you won’t need to worry about safety. If you want to sit on the beach in the evening, no problem. And when you stroll through the towns and interact with the locals, there won’t be any threats or concerns to worry about.

Diving and Snorkelling

If you get in the warm shallow waters on almost any beach in the British Virgin Islands, you’ll find thousands of colourful fish swimming just below the surface. Snorkelling through the crystal clear waters and over the vibrant coral is a must on any trip to this paradise. But there are also dive sites that few people have had the privilege to witness. Any diving enthusiasts will be able to have an exceptional experience in the waters of the British Virgin Islands. Why not bring your own snorkelling equipment and go for a swim in the sea near the beach? Or you can join more extended trips with professional divers out to secret diving spots.

The Climate

It doesn’t matter what time of the year you visit the British Virgin Islands, you’re almost sure to have good weather. With the subtropical climate, temperatures rare gets higher than low 30s. And it doesn’t get cold either. Tourists will be comfortable wearing t-shirts and shorts during the day and a light sweater at the most in the late evenings. According to holidaymakers, the climate is perfect. It’s not too hot or chilly.

Defines the Word Laid-Back

As with the rest of its island nation neighbours, the locals live an ultra-relaxed lifestyle. Everyone is informal and chilled out offering a refreshing break from the day-to-day stress back at home. The locals are warm, polite and hospitable to all the tourists. And you’ll find their attitude and approach to life somewhat infectious.

A Dream Holiday

Not only will you find beaches, snorkelling, diving and exclusivity in the British Virgin Islands but you’ll also enjoy a laid-back holiday in a perfect climate. Anyone who wants a slice of paradise without the crowds and to enjoy their vacation at the highest degree of luxury will instantly fall in love with the small Caribbean Island nation.

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