Top Benefits of Cycling to Work

Top Benefits of Cycling to Work

Most people live fairly sedentary lives: they wake up, they get in a car, get to work, then get back in the car, and spend their evenings on a couch.

That’s truly the most comfortable thing to do – but it’s not always the best for your health and for your finances.

For example, have you ever considered cycling to work? If you live in cycling distance of your workplace, this is totally feasible and it can bring a lot of benefits. Some countries encourage people to do this on a regular basis, and up to now, it’s been going very, very well for them (see Netherlands, for example).

What exactly are the benefits of cycling to work? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

It’s (Obviously!) the Healthier Way

Cycling to work will put your body on the move. It will help you regulate your heart rate and blood flow. It will tone your muscles. It will make you feel better about your body – and, consequently, it will improve your mood as well.

Depending on how much you need to cycle, you can burn as much as several hundreds of calories every day, just by doing something you would have done anyway – going to work. This will help you keep your body weight under control and it will also help you stay lean, healthy, and happy.

It will give you more energy

Some work days are just forged in Hell – but cycling to work can actually make them better. Contrary to some people believe, cycling to work may make you feel a bit more physically tired (or at least until you get used to it), but it will improve your energy on the long run.

Can you even imagine going to work, getting off your bike and feeling full of energy looking at the day ahead of you? Because that’s exactly what will happen!

It will make you feel happier

It’s a known fact that exercising helps keeping stress, anxiety, and depression under control. When you work out, your body releases endorphins – and that’s pretty much like eating an entire chocolate bar (without all the calories and sugar that would ensue with that).

Yes, cycling to work can actually make you feel happier!

It will save you a ton of money

How much are you spending on gas every week? How about every month? Every year?

We bet that it’s a considerable sum of money – maybe even something you could use to take a well-deserved vacation and travel to a nice place.

Buying a bicycle doesn’t cost a lot of money – but using it to get to and from work every day can SAVE plenty. Do your math and you will definitely reach the same conclusion!

Regardless of the reasons that convinced you, you will soon find out that cycling to work is pretty much the best thing you can do to improve your life, your health, and your finances!

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