The Weird and the Wonderful Homes

The Weird and the Wonderful Homes

The meaning of home means different things to different people. Whether you love relaxing at home with a hot brew or spending time with family and friends, we know your home is special to you.

It is not just the meaning of home that differs but your décor, your interior style says a lot about you from your chosen colour pallet to the pictures you hang on the wall. However, if you had money to burn perhaps there would be things you would change in your home, according to a survey by Chill Insurance 70% of people would like a swimming pool in their dream home. Whilst a swimming pool may be luxurious 36% of respondents wouldn’t stop there as they opted for a full spa.

A slide and spa are nothing compared to the fabulous homes on the infographic below, from the South of France to Japan the world is full of imaginative homes. Some are created for convenience whilst true artists design others!


Whilst a dream home is a ‘nice to have’ for many of us, it is not the features that define our home but the people we share it with. 45% of people polled said making memories is the value of home. These memories go a long way with 77% of people still feeling nostalgic and classing their childhood house as their home.

Sometimes a home isn’t always a house and it appears that 30% of people would consider living on the water in a nice fancy yacht. Others would trade it all in for a treehouse or canal boat. When it comes down to it home really is where your heart is.

No matter where you live home insurance is extremely important and with 24% of respondents revealing that they don’t know what their home insurance covers it may be time to sought out the paper work and have a little read, so that you are fully aware and ready if the worst was to happen.


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