The nine best mobile games you can play now

The nine best mobile games you can play now

Smartphone games are a great way of getting your gaming fix without being stuck at home in front of the TV or computer. This list covers a huge variety of genres, from shooters to puzzle games. The world of games covers more than just this list, with all sorts available online, including live casino table games. Get your mind off work by spending a few minutes gaming on the train with one of these fun, addictive and innovative games.


It’s a simple premise that sucks you into something you will struggle to put down. You are presented with a grid of numbers that you have to pair – you start by pushing the ones and twos together to make threes, and then you have to push matching pairs together until you make 6144. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

This is for those cat people that can’t have a cat, due to allergic spouse or landlord rules. You place snacks and playthings in your little garden and wait for the cats to come rolling in. Different cats are enticed by different things and when one comes in, it will be logged in your cat book. Think of it like Pokémon but with really lazy trainers.

PUBG Mobile

Amazingly, they managed to take the experience of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and make it work on smartphones. It’s a multiplayer shooter where you parachute onto an island with 99 other players and then battle it out to see who survives. Once you’re dead, you’re out.

Desert Golfing

It’s a basic, 2D side-scrolling golf game where you just have to get the ball in the hole, forever. Each time you get the ball in, the screen moves onto a new hole. Levels are randomly generated, so you’ll never see the same hole twice and the only things counted are the number of the hole you’re on and a running total of all of the shots you’ve taken.

Monument Valley

A calming, beautifully presented puzzle game that makes you use your understanding of spaces and spatial awareness. You take control of Princess Ida and you must navigate her through non-Euclidean levels with only hostile birds for company.

Plague, Inc.

In this game, you play as an epidemic and your objective is to kill the entire population of the world. You do that by choosing upgrades for your disease, including methods of communicability and resistances. The disease can even mutate on its own sometimes, adding an element of chance. Good luck getting Madagascar, though.


A creepy, horror side-scroller that drops you right into a dark fairy tale full of nightmarish threats to your little life. The little life in question is a boy you have to navigate through this horrifying, monochromatic world. This game pulls no punches.


Two characters stand facing each other some distance apart. You play as one of them and you must fire/throw/release a variety of weapons at the other, taking turns, in order to kill them. The crisp, cartoony art style is combined with some quite gory kills.


You play as a getaway driver for robbers and your objective is to escape the cops for as long as possible, helping your crew complete jobs, which pay for upgrades and better cars for you, to let you escape for longer until the cops get you.


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