Synthetic Diamonds and Their Many Uses

Synthetic Diamonds and Their Many Uses

Natural diamonds are formed under great pressure and are the hardest naturally occurring substances in the world. They are treasured, extremely expensive and can make wonderful jewellery pieces and heirlooms. Science has evolved and now it’s possible to create synthetic diamonds for an affordable price, meaning that these diamonds can be used for a variety of things. As they’re chemically identical to natural stones, they have the same features that naturally occurring diamonds have, but without the high cost.

Here are some of the uses of synthetic diamonds you may not have considered:

1. Jewellery
You can wear a synthetic diamond knowing that it was not a blood diamond and that no one suffered in the mining or production of your diamond. You will also be able to buy a much higher quality stone for a lower price, with less imperfections. This is much better value for money. They still have the same features of a real diamond – just often more pronounced as you can buy higher quality stones.

2. Automative 
While you may only think of diamonds are being used for jewellery, the truth is they’re a critical part of automotive industry. Synthetic diamonds are used in engines, wheel assembly, the production of windows, to help ensure the panels are shiny and well formed. While there are a variety of diamond based materials that are used in the automotive industry, there is a type of diamond that stands out from the rest. Polycrystalline Diamond  (PCD) is the best choice for high definition, precision and overall performance. Check out for more info.

3. Healthcare 
You may be surprised to learn that you’ve probably come across diamonds in the healthcare industry, or known someone else who has benefitted from them. Diamonds are commonly used for radiotherapy or a minor operation. Synthetic diamonds could become critical for non-invasive surgery, where high power laser beams are delivered by fibre optics. This is an exciting industry where the use of synthetic diamonds is likely to increase.

Diamonds are so much more than something pretty to admire and treasure. They can impact our world, our health and even the vehicles we use.

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