Getting to Grips with your Tyres

Getting to Grips with your Tyres

Whether travelling for leisure or commuting to and from work our transport options seem to expand every year, especially with an increase of cycle paths and regular bus services. Even though our transportation options are growing, taking the car can be the most convenient choice, that’s why it is so important to ensure your tyres are up to scratch.

TyrePlus have recently polled 1,000 people across the UK to test their tyre knowledge and it turns out, we aren’t so clued up with one in ten respondents openly admitting to getting into a vehicle with tyres that don’t meet the legal requirements. So, how do we know when our tyres need replacing?

Identifying worn tyres

One clear sign that it is time to change those worn tyres is identifying an insufficient tread depth and this can be done by placing a 20p between the tread and if it is safely secured your tread should be sufficient. If you don’t feel comfortable testing yourself, then look for an expert.

The legal minimum tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm

Another important factor in tyre maintenance is tyre pressure, sometimes it is obvious to see if your tyre is deflating but other times it can be unexpected, and surprisingly 52% polled said they have changed a car tyre themselves – a great skill to have. At times, a tyre may deflate for obvious reasons and the most effective way to avoid this is to always remain vigilant.

Only check tyre pressure when tyres are cold

Summer Tyre Checks

Before taking to the road for your summer trip, there are some checks that should be made. Here’s your checklist:

  • Check tyres are inflated correctly
  • Check tread depth isn’t close to minimum requirements
  • Check oil and coolant before the journey
  • Check windscreen washer levels and top up if necessary
  • Check you have a spare wheel and ensure it is in good condition
  • Check indicators and lights are in working order
  • Have you got your emergency kit prepared, in case you need it
  • Check your insurance is in order


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