Factors to consider when buying a mattress online

Factors to consider when buying a mattress online

It was once conventional practice that when shopping for a new mattress the only way to figure out which one you wanted, you needed to physically go to a store and lie on them. Not any more.

People who buy mattresses online tend to have a better experience. They don’t feel cornered into a corner by pushy sales staff, and they’re able to do more research for a mattress that better suits their needs. It leads to a more enjoyable experience, and online buyers even say that the mattresses they buy online are more durable and comfortable than store bought ones.

So as you’re looking for that new mattress online, here are some things to keep in mind:


People who buy an average product online usually don’t take the time to write a review. It’s mostly only people who have bad or good things to say. Look for patterns with their comments because it will usually highlight flaws with the mattresses. Of course, it’s very important to already know the specifications of the best mattress for your own needs.

Third-party certifiers

Not all online reviews are written with good intentions. Many can be edited by the company, or are written by people–or even bots, hired to leave glowing reviews. Look for a company that verifies reviews by third-party certifiers. That way reviews can’t be tampered with after they’re posted, nor can reviews be posted en mass by hired writers. We recommend sites like Sleep Junkie for trustworthy reviews and advice for buying online.


Like any product, ensure to pay attention to the warranty. It’s a good idea to know some background on the company you’re interested in buying a mattress from. Many mattress manufacturers are new on the market. Not all will last long enough to fulfil the terms of their warranty.

Return policy

What sets online retailers and manufacturers apart from physical stores, is their return policy. Online stores that sell mattresses have made their success by offering return policies that are free and easy. Reviewers who have bought mattresses online but aren’t pleased with the product are overwhelmingly pleased with how easy it is to return them.

How long is the trial

Keep in mind that one big difference between online and physical stores is the trial period that you’re allowed to use the mattress for. Many physical stores have a 100-day return policy, while online stores only offer 30 day periods. Realistically though, your back and perhaps those bags under your eyes will be able to tell after just a few days if it’s a good mattress or not. You won’t lose any sleep over returning it.

So if you’re online looking for that perfect new mattress right now, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that a pushy salesperson isn’t going to burst in and force a purchase on you that you’ll regret. Remember to look for reviews that are third-party certified to fully understand what you’re getting.

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