5 Supplements You Need To Consider for More Energy

5 Supplements You Need To Consider for More Energy

In an ideal world, we would all be taking all of our nutrients and energy from the food we eat. However, that means being very attentive with every single thing you eat – not just in terms of calories, but also in terms of the nutrients they offer.

Sure, it can be done. But truth be told, not many of us have the time (or the patience) to actually go through all the counting and the balancing act every day. Even more, many of us simply don’t assimilate well certain nutrients – and, in time, this can lead to an energy deficiency.

What are some supplements you should consider for more energy? We have gathered 5 of the most powerful ones right below – so read on and find out more.

Vitamin B12

You may not know this, but your body finds vitamin B12 absolutely crucial to the way it metabolizes energy. Every single cell in your body needs this vitamin to create cellular energy – but sadly, our bodies do not generate vitamin B12 on their own. This means you will have to make sure your diet includes this vitamin – or to supplement your diet with vitamin B12 pills. Generally, this supplement is safe to take, but you might still want to discuss things with your physician first.

Does it actually work?

Yes, studies show that people who took a dosage large enough of this vitamin found an increase in energy in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, some studies also show vitamin B12 can help reduce chronic pain.


Some of you may think ginseng supplements are just another fad. However, science has discovered that this herb can act as an element that supports the body’s response to anxiety, physical effort, and stress. Moreover, ginseng supplements can also help you lower the level of free radicals and toxisn in the body – which can also contribute to eliminating fatigue (even of a chronic nature).

Although this supplement is safe to take, it is still important to make sure you only take it from reputable suppliers – so keep that in mind if you decide to take ginseng pills.


This biochemical is also crucial for energy metabolism. What it does is transport the fatty acids to be converted into actual energy. The body does create L-carnitine naturally, but it normally uses it to support the brain. Therefore, taking L-carnitine (also known as ALCAR) supplements can help your body metabolize energy and maintain neural health at the same time.

Ginkgo Biloba

Another popular supplement, Ginko Biloba may feel like a fad for many of you. However, it has been proved to be an excellent antioxidant, as well as a great supplement for improving blood flow. What it does (and this is, again, a science-proven fact) is improve mitochondrial respiration and cellular energy production in our brain cells. This makes the entire metabolic activity work normally at a cellular level, protecting our health and improving our body’s longevity.

Vitamin C

Probably the most common supplement ever, vitamin C is relatively easy to take from foods (especially since many fruit and vegetables contain it). However, many of us need to take it as a supplement as well (the official name for the supplements being “L-ascorbic acid”).

As popular as it may be, not many people know just how essential vitamin C is for our bodies, especially when it comes to healing wounds and protecting the body from free radicals. Science has proved vitamin C works quite OK in common colds (not because it cures the symptoms, but because it makes them less durable).

Furthermore, taking vitamin C daily can improve the immune system in its fight against bacteria and viruses, it can help prevent muscle soreness (after strenuous exercise), and it can even reduce pain (in a way similar to vitamin B12). As a result of all these benefits, vitamin C can also increase the amount of energy in our bodies.


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