3 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

3 Ways to Get a Better Sleep

As humans living in a very stressful world that moves at a speed higher than ever, we tend to neglect the absolute basics our bodies need to function well. We eat poorly, not supplying our body with everything it needs for its good functioning. We don’t drink water, also essential for health. And, ultimately, we don’t sleep well enough – which can cause severe long-term damage in the human body.

How to get a better sleep, though?

We have gathered 3 ways you can help your body get the rest it needs so much – so read on if you want to find out more.

Take care of your body during the day

The unhealthier you live during the day, the more poorly you will sleep during the night. Unhealthy eating high in protein and saturated fats, heavy drinking of caffeinated products, stress – they can all affect the quality of your sleep. So, even if you do get your 8 hours of sleep a night (which is absolutely crucial for a good rest!), you might not feel like it because your body is unable to actually “turn off” and recharge its batteries.

Follow your body’s natural tendencies

Our bodies are perfect mechanisms functioning on rules that are very well-balanced and well-coordinated with each other. Sleep makes no exception from this rule – which is precisely why you should try to follow your body’s triggers.

For example, one of the best ways to get a better sleep is to simply go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. Furthermore, napping is a good way to catch up on lost sleep – but if it affects your sleep at night, you should try to limit your naps to 20 minutes (!), and only take them in the early afternoon.

Last, but not least, eating heavy meals at dinner can also cause drowsiness and affect the quality of the sleep – so try to follow your natural instincts and eat a lighter dinner. It can make the world of a difference!

Limit the amount of light during the sleep

Most people sleep best in darker rooms – and that’s actually the right way to do it. Sleeping in rooms that don’t provide enough darkness will ruin your melatonin production (and this is a hormone crucial when you want to make sure you really make the most of your sleep hours).

Expose your body to natural sunlight during the day, as close to the moment you wake up as possible. If you need to wake up during the night, limit the amount of light you’re getting until the sunrise. At night, keep your room as dark as possible. These are things that will bring your body’s melatonin production to its natural tendencies (because, yes, thousands of years ago, people didn’t have electricity, or even fire, and they probably did sleep better!).

Getting better sleep every night is easy  as long as you try to live a more balanced life. Eat better, drink more water, avoid stress. These are basic health rules for anyone, anywhere, regardless of age, social status, or occupation. Also do not forget to take care of your skin and try Epicuren Skincare for your new bedtime routine.

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