3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer

3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer

Summer is the best season of them all! Not only is it warmer outside (and this allows everyone to be more active), but it’s also the most generous season in terms of natural good foods.

How to use summer to your advantage and eat healthier? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more if you want to provide your body with the best nutrients this summer.

So many veggies, so little time

Summer’s really a great season to start a weight loss program (or just start getting healthier, for that matter). There’s an abundance of vegetables you can eat in a huge number of ways. You can combine them in endless salad variants. You can bake them. You can grill them. You can cook them in one-pot meals. It’s really impossible to get bored with so many options, regardless of what you normally like eating.

In general, a food plate should be filled with about 1/2 vegetables, regardless of how they are cooked. The remaining of the plate should be filled with proteins (about ¼ of the plate), fats and carbs (about ¼ of the plate in total). This is just as a general rule of thumb, if you are not very keen on actually counting calories and macronutrients.

Skip the heavy desserts

You really don’t need that slice of chocolate cake or cheesecake. They’re delicious, we know, but if you take all the sugar out of it, you will discover these desserts lose just about 70% of their charm (Flour and cocoa? Probably not your go-to treat).

The great news? Summer is perfect for healthy snacks like fruit. You have the irresistible watermelon, you have all the berries, and you have a wide array of other fruits you can dive into when your sweet tooth’s calling for duty. You can take them as they are, you can make delicious smoothies out of them, and if you’re in the mood for a cool (literally!) treat, you can freeze them into the best popsicles you’ve ever tasted.

Stay hydrated

Now more than ever it is important to keep your body well-hydrated. Mind you, that means actual water. Sodas contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, and even sweet tea is a bad choice for your health (not to mention all the caffeine-based cold drinks you’ve been taking from Starbucks every day!).

Generally, you should keep your water intake at minimum of 8 glasses of pure, delicious water a day. Given that it’s summer outside and you probably live in a place where, well, temperatures are higher in the summer, you might want to increase that water intake (just enough to make up for all the “melting in the sun” you’ll be doing for the following months).

If you just cannot drink water, garnish yours with fresh fruit (no sugar!) or simply drink tea (cooled down, no sugar!). Green tea is the healthiest, but herbal teas work just as fine as long as you don’t sweeten them up. Remember though, a lot of the teas out there are heavily caffeinated, so you might want to keep that under control.

Other than that, smile! It’s summer, days are longer, people are happier, and the entire vegetation is blooming with beauty. You have all the reasons in the world to put on your largest smile and go about every day on a positive note!

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