Why is FUT the Better Option for Hair Restoration

Why is FUT the Better Option for Hair Restoration

Hair restoration is considered one of the greatest inventions in human’s life, especially for men who suffer more hair loss compared to women. It provides a natural-looking result and brings back your confidence towards other people. Currently, with the aid of advanced technology, hair restoration offers a complete package. First, it provides lesser pain compared to past surgical procedures. Second, it gives great-looking results, and lastly, it requires a short time to heal so that you can enjoy your active lifestyle immediately.

The two most commonly used methods for hair restoration are follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT). The main difference between the two is the technique on how to harvest the hair from the donor area. In FUE, tiny hair follicles are being extracted one at a time for the preparation of hair transplants. While in FUT, the donor’s hair has been removed in thin strips, which is later being microscopically dissected and prepared for operation. Both are having the same procedures, but which one offers a better result?

3 Reasons why FUT is the Right Choice for You

Whenever you visit a hair transplant clinic for a consultation, they will examine your hair and conduct a series of tests. Afterward, the specialist will recommend the best technique, which will depend on the condition of your hair. It is either FUT or FUE. So, let us discuss some of the reasons why the FUT method is the better choice for hair transplantation.

  1.   Larger Area of Transplantation

If the hair transplant requires a large portion of implantation, then FUT will be a more efficient method to use. However, since the follicle units are taken in strips action, the recovery time will be longer than what you’ve been expected. Also, there will be a permanent scar that will appear on the donor site. 

  1.   Hair Quality

A patient can achieve the most benefit from the hair transplant if they have a perfect hair quality foundation, which can be obtained from the donor site (the back portion of our head). Through the FUT procedure, we can gain this success rate, and it will provide better hair results compared to the FUE method.

FUT procedure will start by removing the hair from the scalp in strips and then dissected it into a tiny follicular unit. Removing the hair donor follicles into pieces will result in higher quality hair transplants compared to the FUE procedure, which uses individual hair follicle technique. It is because you are preserving the grafts or the foundation of the scalp from getting damage. This tissue serves as the ultimate protection to maintain the hair follicles in the best condition and not to dry out. 

  1.   Lower Price and Time Value

When it comes to price comparison, FUT is more affordable than FUE. Even though FUE is effective, removing hair follicles one at a time tends to be more expensive and consumes lots of time. Using the FUT method, it provides larger follicular units to be extracted in a single session, which yields a higher percentage of hair transplants in a short time. 

We already discuss some of the differences between FUT and FUE methods for hair transplants. However, both of them share a common goal, and that is to transform you into a better person inside and out. Learn more about Seager FUT Hair Transplantation, and we will guarantee to turn and bring back your confidence towards other people.

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