Summer Fun for the Family

Summer Fun for the Family

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means? It means it is time to seriously think about the fun things to do with the family. The kids will be out of school and will have plenty of time on their hands. Therefore, keeping them from getting bored should be on top of your mind. The first thing to do is put together a bucket list of things to do and not do. The following is an excellent example of a list you can put together.

  • The favorite things everyone likes to do
  • The favorite things the children like to do
  • The favorite things everyone likes to do together
  • Any new skills or subjects you would like the children to learn
  • Any activity you would like to get a holiday from

The next step would be to put together a summer activity checklist. Some great ideas to do with the family are:

  • Go camping
  • Hiking or riding bicycles on a trail
  • Visiting a state or national park
  • Set up an outdoor pool
  • Do simple cooking
  • Go for picnics
  • Go stargazing after sunset
  • Learn how to fish

Planning for Summer Fun

Even a small task involving kids will usually require some planning at some point in time. Its just that for summertime, everything gets more amplified. Keeping kids busy is no small task. Therefore, whether you plan on going somewhere for a vacation or stay home, you will need to put together a to-do list. If you are planning on staying home, then one idea is to map out what everybody will do on each day of the week.

The first thing you will need is a calendar. On each day, write what you plan on doing. You could even create a calendar from scratch and mark off each activity for each day of the week. You could involve children in this and turn it into an activity. For example, Mondays will be book reading day, Tuesdays will be for small field trips, Wednesdays could be water-based activities in the backyard, and so on. If there’s a trip in the plans, preparing kids by having them involved in getting ready for the trip by going shopping for summer shorts or a new backpack and letting them pack it is a great way to involve them while getting them mentally prepared for travel.

Learn Something New

Summertime doesnt always have to be about having fun. It can also be a great time to introduce children to new ideas and experiences. For example, have you had the wish for your child to be bilingual? Then you could look into finding a tutor. You could even ask around the neighborhood to see if any other parents are also interested. If they are, you could do a group session with other kids to help bring costs down.

What about cooking? Most people take for granted that children are not at all interested in something like cooking food. This couldnt be farther from the truth. Kids generally love the idea of creating something. Not just with building blocks or clay but cooking also. With cooking, there is the added thrill of making something you can eat. Of course, you dont need to make a seven-course meal. It can be something simple like making chocolate-chip cookies.

Summer Camps and Specialty Camps

Summer camps have been around for a long time, and most people dont need an introduction to it. However, specialty camps are relatively newer, especially those with a lot of different and exciting activities. The variety of options can be overwhelming for some children. These can include, but not limited to rock climbing, fishing, camping, archery, introduction to martial arts, horseback riding, and even fencing.

The thing to do is shop around and look into each camp and discuss with the child or children what they would be interested in. Many parents notice that whenever children go to a summer camp of any kind, they come back with a more mature disposition on life. It is never too early to instill a sense of independence in children.

Start Things Early

If you are price conscious and would like to give your child a fun-filled summer, and if it involves going away from home, then the key to getting good deals is by starting as soon as possible. The truth is, it is never too early to make reservations. This is true of almost anything, but especially hotels, theme parks, summer camps, airlines, and rental cars. If you plan early, then you are guaranteed to have some summer fun for the family at bargain prices.

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